Designing Lessons with AI (Creating Rapid Prototypes in an AI Driven World) 

Looking for ways to design AI into your established curriculum.  This workshop will help you deliver Rapid Prototypes in an AI Driven World. This is a highly-interactive participatory session.

Smart Phones in the Modern Classroom

Smart Phones are everywhere.  The modern student will be using these in the workplace so let's make sure we know the apps that will help them interact in the classroom.  Let's explore some fun ways to create lessons that are highly engaging. 

Regular and Effective Contact

By humanizing the online classroom, students are more likely to participate, engage, complete assignments, watch, read etc.  There are many strategies one can levarage from the traditional classroom. Come explore some ways to check-in, evaluate, break apart these projects so that skills can be measured at various stages. 

Best Practices in Online Education

After creating a training program in the VCCCD that trained everyone prior to and during the pandemic.  I have much to share with you.  Let's look at the program from a 10,000 foot level and discover what works and what needs improvement. 

Regular and Substantive Interaction Methods

Teaching Methods that work for any subject.  Let's learn how we can make our students feel welcome and safe by creating highly interactive scenarios and activities.  With Project Based Learning in mind, I will demonstrate simple steps that create great return.

Canvas Designs

Explore some Canvas Designs from an Instructional Designer who has years of experience adding elements, components, and whiziwhigs to your courses.  What works.  What causes problems.  And, of course, making sure that everything is designed with student access in mind.